Dr. Patrick Henry Winston is a computer science professor at MIT. I have watched quite a few Youtube videos of his classes and enjoyed them very much. In one of his classes, he said something like the teacher should not merely teach facts, but also give his/her opinion about the facts. I find it quite agreeable.

Interestingly, he also gave a presentation on how to speak, which is available on Youtube as well.

His suggestions are summarized below. I like his setup of promise in the opening and deliver in the finish. It engages the audience better and makes the talk more purposeful.

  • opening
    • no joke
    • promise
    • menu
  • big four
    • cycle
    • verbal punctuation
    • near miss
    • ask question
  • finish
    • no thank
    • joke
    • deliver
    • salute

In some AI class, Dr. Winston also mentioned five s to improve the presentation. They are

  • symbol
  • slogan
  • salient
  • surprise
  • story