I read John Somez’ first book of software developer’s life manual when I broke ice to industry job (see my book review here). Compared to that book, this one is more focused on career development. Basically, it talks about how to get started as a software developer for a beginner, how to advance career for mid-career developer, and how to break the glass ceilings for experience professional.

This book is structured as Q and A at chapter level, and the chapters are categorized into five sections:

  • Getting started as a software developer
  • Getting a job
  • What you need to know about software development
  • Working as a developer
  • Advancing your career

The chapters are more-or-less independent, thus you can pick the relevant part to read. (I read it from cover to cover and it took 6 days.)

It contains a lot of useful information and I highly recommend it, especially for someone trying to enter the software developer world. In addition, its price is unbelievably low for its content: the Kindle version is only $4.99 and it is also included in the Kindle Unlimited subscription.